Maribel & Dwight Hill

The Village of Surfside Beach, Texas, has been a hidden gem for most of its existence, I believe. Largely a second home and vacation rental destination area for the more recluse... many of the owners in this sleepy village (doctors, lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs), are Urbanites who have purchased here to truly get away from it all.


Well in 2010... you could say our secret 'got out'.


And so, our town has been in the middle of a great transition due to this 

unexpected expansion in part because of you, our visitors.

We are grateful for your time on our island, and welcome the opportunity to grow, bring honest business, and much needed resources to our sweet sweet island village.


PARTNER with us in keeping (our Historic) Surfside Beach the BEST Gulf Coast Town in Texas.


Contact Us to find out how you can get involved on the island!

Together is always better. 

~ management


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